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Is your reflection in the mirror a daily reminder of the body you aspire to have? Have you battled with stubborn fat that ignores every diet and gym session?

At Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery®, we recognize your struggles and offer a beacon of hope. FlexSculpt® is not just a procedure; it’s your ally in the fight against resistant fat areas and sagging skin. It’s time to transform your effort into visible results.

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Unlock Your Dream Look with Goals
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Have You Wondered Why Traditional
Liposuction isn't Meeting Your Expectations?

FlexSculpt - Goals Plastic Surgery®

Do you feel anxious about the invasive nature and the prolonged recovery associated with traditional liposuction?

FlexSculpt® acknowledges these concerns by enhancing the procedure through local anesthesia, reducing both the procedure’s intensity and recovery time. Unlike general liposuction, which can be a leap into the unknown with its general anesthesia and lengthy downtime, FlexSculpt® offers a gentler approach with minimal incisions. This method not only targets the unwanted fat with greater precision but also promotes a swift return to your daily life.

With FlexSculpt®, discomfort becomes a lesser concern, and your dream shape is achieved with meticulous care, allowing you to emerge with renewed poise and minimal disruption to your life.

Sculpt Your Ideal Silhouette with Flexsculpt®

Areas Refined by Flexsculpt®:

FlexSculpt areas - Goals Plastic Surgery®
Each targeted treatment with Flexsculpt® is executed with precision, dedicated to optimizing your body’s contours while minimizing recovery time. Your journey to a perfected physique begins with the expertise of Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery® – where every procedure is a step toward the epitome of aesthetic excellence.

Why Choose Flexsculpt®?

Choose Flexsculpt® for a personalized, safer, and precise body sculpting experience that minimizes downtime and maximizes satisfaction.
Targeted Change, Tuned to You

Struggling with stubborn fat that resists every diet and exercise plan? Flexsculpt® is engineered for precisely these challenges, providing a sculpting solution that aligns with your body's unique shape and your personal health journey.

Precision Sculpting for Perfect Proportions

Ever felt that your body's potential is hidden beneath unyielding contours? Flexsculpt®'s refined tools sculpt with an artist's eye for detail, harmonizing your proportions to reveal a more balanced, more aesthetic you.

Minimized Risks, Maximum Confidence

Are you wary of the risks and prolonged downtime associated with traditional liposuction? With Flexsculpt®, fear gives way to assurance. Our technique prioritizes your safety by using local anesthesia, diminishing the concerns tied to systemic procedures and enhancing your peace of mind.

Personalized Approach for Exceptional Results

Your body is a canvas of individual curves and contours. Why settle for a one-size-fits-all procedure? Flexsculpt® adapts to the dynamic needs of your body, rotating and angling for an exceptional, individualized outcome that truly reflects who you are.

Faster Recovery, Less Downtime

Does the thought of a long recovery keep you from taking the next step towards your ideal body? Embrace the quick turnaround of Flexsculpt®, designed for those who value their time. With minimized downtime, you're free to return to the rhythm of life with confidence, swiftly enjoying the fruits of your transformation.

Seamless Beauty, Natural Elegance

Worried about scars tarnishing your body's natural beauty? Flexsculpt®'s innovative method enhances your figure discreetly, leaving a flawless finish that mirrors your body's natural elegance—your secret to carry with pride.

Revolutionary Skin Tightening Meets Advanced Body Contouring

Enhance Flexsculpt® with J-Plasma

J-Plasma is a state-of-the-art procedure that utilizes cold plasma energy to tighten and rejuvenate the skin during your Flexsculpt® session. By incorporating J-Plasma, you amplify the body sculpting process, leading to more defined and lasting results.

Benefits of Adding J-Plasma to Flexsculpt®

SUPERIOR TIGHTENING - Goals Plastic Surgery®

Superior Tightening

J-Plasma tightens the skin in a way that complements the fat removal of Flexsculpt®, perfect for areas where skin laxity is a concern.
ENHANCED CONTOURING - Goals Plastic Surgery®

Enhanced Contouring

Achieve sharper, more refined body contours by combining fat reduction with advanced skin tightening.
QUICKER, VISIBLE RESULTS - Goals Plastic Surgery®

Quicker, Visible Results

The synergistic effect of J-Plasma with Flexsculpt® means faster visible results and a more pronounced transformation.

Long-Lasting Improvement

By stimulating collagen production, J-Plasma not only tightens but also improves skin quality for long-term benefits.

Flexsculpt® FAQs

Explore the possibilities with Flexsculpt®, where advanced sculpting meets patient-focused care. Here are answers to your top questions about this innovative procedure that’s reshaping body contouring.
How much fat can be removed with Flexsculpt®?
Flexsculpt® can effectively remove significant volumes of fat, but the exact amount varies by individual. Our goal is not just weight reduction but sculpting a physique that feels like you at your best. During your consultation, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and what can be safely achieved.
Flexsculpt® is designed to be as inclusive as possible. However, it’s more about your body’s composition and fat distribution than weight alone. Let’s talk about what’s possible for you in a personal consultation.
Not at all. Flexsculpt® can be suitable for those with higher BMIs seeking contour improvements. Your overall health and specific body goals are what determine candidacy.
For those with higher BMIs, Flexsculpt® can create a more defined shape by targeting specific areas. It’s about shaping your body in a way that enhances your natural contours, and sometimes, that begins with one transformative step.
Recovery time is individualized, but most patients are pleasantly surprised by the speed of their recovery, often resuming normal activities within a matter of days.
The fat cells removed by Flexsculpt® are gone for good. However, maintaining your new shape depends on a healthy lifestyle. We provide guidance on sustaining your results long-term.
Safety is our paramount concern. Flexsculpt® under local anesthesia has an excellent safety profile, and we’ll discuss all aspects of the procedure and its safety during your consultation.
Absolutely. The art of Flexsculpt® lies in its ability to refine and redefine with subtlety and precision, leaving you with a look that’s both dramatically improved and impressively natural.
Expect attentive care from our team. You’ll be awake, comfortable, and can even engage with your surgeon as your body is being sculpted to your desire.
The changes we make with Flexsculpt® are designed to be permanent. As your body changes with time, we advise a commitment to a balanced lifestyle to maintain your sculpted physique.
Suitability for Flexsculpt® depends on various factors including your health, medical history, and aesthetic goals. The best way to determine your candidacy is through a detailed consultation with our experts.
Unlock Your Dream Look with Goals
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