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Unlock Your Curves with Double BBL®

Unlock Your Dream Look with Goals
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Has the quest for the perfect hourglass figure felt like an endless journey? Are you tired of hiding your curves beneath baggy clothes because stubborn fat refuses to budge?

Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery® invites you to break free from your doubts and discomfort with the revolutionary Double BBL®. Undergo a transformative butt lift with local anesthesia, bringing out the bold, beautiful you with less worry and downtime.

Dare to reveal the sculpted, voluptuous curves you’ve always deserved. Make the change today; your future self will thank you.

Unlock Your Dream Look with Goals
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Craving a Curvaceous Transformation Minus the Fear and Downtime?

Double BBL® - Goals Plastic Surgery®
Imagine a butt lift that respects your time, concerns, and lifestyle. At Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery®, we’ve pioneered the Double BBL® under local anesthesia to gift you the curves you’ve dreamt of without the traditional fear of surgery.

Does the thought of general anesthesia and long recovery times send shivers down your spine? Let us allay your fears with our minimally invasive approach, designed to sculpt with less bruising, less swelling, and a return to ‘you’ faster than ever before.

It’s not magic; it’s medical artistry waiting to craft your confidence with every reflection you admire.

Why Choose Double BBL®?

Opt for Double BBL® to redefine your body with precision and care. A tailored approach to body aesthetics, Double BBL® combines the art of natural contouring with advanced Flexsculpt® technology to enhance your shape with balance and beauty.
Personalized Sculpting and Symmetry

Step into the spotlight with precision-sculpted symmetry and proportionality that celebrate your individuality. Our Double BBL® procedure isn’t a one-size-fits-all; it's a bespoke artwork that refines your body to mirror the inner beauty you feel.

Comprehensive Transformation

Our vision is comprehensive: a full-body renaissance that not only elevates your buttocks and hips but redefines your total self. Double BBL® is the path to an all-encompassing metamorphosis, from the diminishing of excess fat to the sculpting of a masterpiece.

Enhanced Body Proportions

Your proportions are the canvas, and Double BBL® is our palette. We don’t just enhance your form; we transform it by meticulously grafting and sculpting your fat to perfect pitch, ensuring your contours are in concert with your natural physique.

Long-Lasting Results

With Double BBL®, your beauty’s longevity is sculpted in time. We build for the future, using advanced techniques designed for enduring elegance. Trust in our expertise to craft your confidence that’s resilient, lasting, and ever brilliant.

Natural-Looking Results

Our promise? To turn heads with results that are as authentic as they are astonishing. By harmonizing Flexsculpt® finesse with high-definition fat grafting, we give you the natural-looking enhancement that blends dreams with reality.

Rapid Recovery, Enhanced Comfort

In Double BBL®, we blend innovation with care to ensure your transformation journey is as comfortable as it is swift. Our advanced techniques minimize downtime, allowing you to embrace and flaunt your new contours with minimal interruption to your daily life. Quick recovery, lasting results – that's the Double BBL® promise.

Double BBL® FAQs

Experience the evolution of beauty with Double BBL®, the superior alternative to traditional butt enhancement. Here are detailed answers to your questions, highlighting the distinctive advantages and safety profile of the Double BBL® with local anesthesia.
What exactly is Double BBL®?
Double BBL® is an advanced body sculpting procedure that combines the principles of Brazilian Butt Lift with the latest Flexsculpt® technology. It involves the strategic removal of fat from unwanted areas and its transfer to the buttocks, resulting in a more rounded, firm, and lifted appearance.
Unlike traditional BBLs, Double BBL® utilizes a less invasive approach with local anesthesia, leading to more precise fat grafting and sculpting, minimized risk, and reduced recovery time. This method enhances patient comfort and provides a smoother, more controlled enhancement experience.
The ideal candidate for Double BBL® is someone who is close to their ideal weight, has adequate fat stores for transfer, desires more volume and shape in their buttocks, and is looking for a procedure with less downtime and risk than traditional methods.
Double BBL® offers a personalized approach to buttock augmentation, promising natural-looking results with symmetrical, balanced, and enhanced body proportions. It’s perfect for those who value a comprehensive transformation with long-lasting effects.
Recovery times can vary, but Double BBL® typically involves a shorter recovery period compared to conventional methods. Patients often resume light activities within days and return to full activities within a few weeks, following their surgeon’s guidance.
The results of Double BBL® are designed to be long-lasting. The transferred fat that survives the initial healing process will typically remain for years to come. However, significant weight fluctuations can affect the longevity of the results.
Every surgical procedure involves some level of risk, but Double BBL®’s utilization of local anesthesia and less invasive techniques generally results in a safer experience with fewer complications. It’s important to discuss all safety concerns with your surgeon.
Local anesthesia in Double BBL® minimizes common risks associated with general anesthesia, such as nausea, sore throat, confusion, and in rare cases, serious medical complications. It allows for a conscious yet pain-free experience, which significantly decreases the chance of anesthesia-related complications.
The utilization of local anesthesia in Double BBL® offers a multitude of benefits: enhanced patient comfort during and after the procedure, reduced risk of bleeding and bruising, faster recovery times, and the opportunity for patients to remain mobile sooner, which is crucial for optimal fat graft survival.
Yes, Double BBL® is generally considered safer due to the less invasive techniques employed, the use of local anesthesia, and the minimized surgical trauma. These factors collectively contribute to a lower risk profile and promote a quicker, more comfortable recovery.
Unlock Your Dream Look with Goals
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