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Different from fat transfer, these shots are designed to slim, contour and complement other weight loss efforts. The painless injections contain vitamin B6 and/or B12. When paired with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine, the results are promising. Speaking with the team at Goals Plastic Surgery, consisting of all double-and triple-board certified doctors, they usually recommend several weeks of injections.
These non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures are perfect as the summer ends and autumn arrives.  They eliminate sunspots and any skin discoloration.  Skin lightening is an effective way to even out pigmentation, which means renewed confidence for those who hide their armpits or other discolored areas. Kim is a great example of rejuvenating her skin with a Vampire Facial, which stimulates collagen regrowth with platelet-rich plasma
Since Kim Kardashian openly admitted to getting Carboxytherapy (in August of 2022) and Morpheus laser skin tightening for her abdomen, the procedures have earned their reputation as a game-changer. For those looking to firm and tighten aging and sagging skin, this is the new frontier. Carboxytherapy is considered revolutionary, it is remarkably effective as a non-surgical treatment to help improve the appearance of stretch marks and as a regenerative therapy for aging tissue.
Having been caught in the crossfire of duplicity lately, GOALS Aesthetics surgery team of board-certified plastic surgeons is speaking up, committing to a goal of their own: becoming a powerful voice advocating full honesty in doctor-patient relationships. Seeking to educate patients, and the community as caregivers too have a valuable stake. We want to erase any stigma that may linger, prohibiting us from talking candidly to the very people who want us be whole, be healthy, be beautiful. It becomes a fatal attraction then when we’re drawn to the procedures that can enhance our lives yet we disregard the implicit truth required of a patient-doctor relationship.
GOALS USA #1 Plastic Surgeons Set The Record Straight

Certainly, many patients come to GOALS seeking procedures to emulate the look of their favorite TV personalities and we help them achieve this goal with safe, effective surgical enhancement procedures. However, the success of these procedures and the sustained health and well-being of the patient is not exclusively dependent on the skill of the surgeon. As Dr. Voskin states, “the patient has a responsibility as well to be truthful in answers to all questions when undergoing elective surgery.
Since its inception, GOALS Aesthetics Surgery has been supremely focused on providing the safest body contouring procedures possible, adhering to strict pre- and post-operative procedures. Dr. Sergey Voskin, CEO, GOALS Aesthetics Surgery emphasizes that at all times, patient safety is a top priority in the practice, “however, although we can ensure that procedures are performed by our double if not triple board-certified plastic surgeons, we must depend on the patient to be forthcoming about the medications.
GOALS Plastic Surgery is the nation’s leading brand in aesthetics. Offering surgical and nonsurgical procedures, GOALS was founded in Brooklyn by Dr. Sergey Voskin. With 11 locations nationwide, GOALS is top-ranked in NYC, Miami, Philadelphia, and Atlanta earning a social media following that is more than 1 million strong, GOALS looks to the future to continue providing patients with the safe, effective enhancement that has earned them their stellar reputation. GOALS offers more than 200 board-certified procedures that have changed tens of thousands of lives.
Recently accusations were made, and falsehoods were shared in the media attempting to place blame on GOALS for tragic circumstances. However, GOALS was 100% cleared by the Department of Health, there was no fault found with the surgical practice. But what is apparent here is that it is time to move forward with an education initiative to prevent such occurrences in the future. GOALS seeks to find a path forward demonstrating that the value of aesthetic surgery is indeed tremendous when all are committed to genuine, open communication.
So, what then are the procedures that will give us a booty like Lil Nas X or a bosom like Nicki Minaj? Both of whom are not shy about admitting their choice to take the emotional journey that is plastic surgery — a confidence-boosting, life-enhancing endeavor. Dr. Voskin reveals that GoalsDoubleBBL®, one of their most popular procedures, uses a fat transfer process to proportionately enhance buttocks and hips for a fuller and rounder appearance.
There was a time when we worshipped skinny. Skinny jeans, skinny girls – and guys. But skinny is a thing of the past now. Curvy is in. Bootylicious babes rule. ‘Barbiecore’ is bringing back the hourglass body. When we watch the parade of stars on the red carpet, it’s not the slim, trim shapes that turn our heads. What gives us a thrill? The voluptuous figures of Megan Thee StallionCardi B and Nicki Minaj. These are the camera-ready images we embrace.
“Chose shape over size, that is what I always tell the women and men who approach us for cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Sergey Voskin, founder and CEO of GOALS Plastic Surgery, an industry leader in aesthetic medicine, cosmetic surgery, and body contouring (goalsplasticsurgery.com). “We are seeing a wave of women and men coming to us certainly to diminish covid weight gain but also to adopt a more boyish, lean figure. The desire is to achieve a look that is modern and in sync with the less extreme mindset we share today.”
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