Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is by far one of the most popular surgical enhancement procedures around, and has been for years. From anniversary gifts, to graduation presents – breast augmentation surgery is the number one plastic surgery procedure given as a gift to women of every age. while in years past it may have been an expensive procedure out of range for most, practices like Goals Plastic Surgery have perfected their technique, lowering pricing in a way that brings the popular procedure to the masses. However, with more and more women, especially young women, getting breast augmentation there is a lot of misinformation being spread around. With most plastic surgery procedures, there are many myths going around, and many individuals, even those in the process of getting the surgery done, are ignorant about a number of vital pieces of information and simply don’t have access to the proper information. The staff at Goals Plastic Surgery have compiled a list of important things to know, before getting a breast augmentation. 

Learn About Possible Complications and Long-Term Care

Few people are aware about the complications that can arise as a result of breast implants. At Goals Plastic Surgery they make sure to make patients aware that the longer you have your breast implants in, the more likely you are to have complications. Meaning someone in their late teens must understand that they are signing up for the possibility of complications, revision surgery, as well as the possibility for replacement surgery. Over the course of 20 or 30 years, most people must have their implants replaced or lifted over time.

Talk to Your Surgeon

The surgeons at Goals Plastic Surgery preach this to patients in regard to every procedure. There is no dumb question when it comes to surgery, so don’t be afraid to ask. Some describe plastic surgery as interaction between doctor and patient, the more you know each other and communicate the better things will turn out. Make sure to communicate your entire medical history, and get to know your doctor’s professional history. Make sure you communicate your expectations, and your desired look and feel before having the surgery. 

Learn About Your Specific Implant & Implants Choice

At Goals Plastic Surgery the surgeons make sure to educate the patients about the types of implants available. Get to know the size, shape, positioning, and characteristics about each implant, and decide what matches up best with the things you are expecting from surgery. Read labels as much as possible, and learn about the SSED’s (Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data) – which even provide information about possible complications that can arise over time.

Plan a Routine for After Care and Implant Monitoring

Breast exams are important for ALL women; however, they are especially vital to those with breast augmentations. Goals Plastic Surgery provides post-op appointments for the initial period following surgery, however you must plan on getting regular mammograms and MRI’s in order to make sure everything is going well with your implants. The FDA themselves recommend women with breast implants get special mammograms done at least every 2 years following surgery to make sure there are no silent ruptures developing or other issues like growths or infections.

The most important thing for any plastic surgery patient is to get as much information as possible, while plastic surgery can greatly impact your life – improving self-esteem, confidence, and your look; without gathering as much information as possible complications and issues can often arise. The team at Goals Plastic Surgery tries to ensure that patients realize that surgery is serious no matter if it is elective or not. Keep yourself as healthy as possible, and make sure to educate yourself as much as you can, to make sure things go well, and you are prepared for when they don’t.

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