What Makes a Good Candidate for the BBL Surgery Procedure? 

In recent years Brazilian Butt Lift surgery has swept across the world of aesthetic enhancement, slowly becoming the most widely requested body contouring procedure around! At Goals Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgeon Sergey Voskin, considered the best BBL doctor NYC has to offer, even has a wait list that is several months long, with patients anxiously awaiting the day of their procedure. Goals Plastic Surgery has solidified themselves as the best Brazilian butt lift surgery practice in the city, and they’ve got the results to prove it! One look at the Goals Plastic Surgery Instagram page reveals some of the best BBL before and after’s you may ever see. Their results are characterized by sleek, sultry hips, and a voluptuous backside that, despite the added volume, still looks and feels natural! And its not just their outstanding results that have patients clamoring to get on the waiting list, but their outstanding customer service, their amazing specials, and the fact that they offer payment plans to help you cover the BBL surgery cost. However, despite the vast number of people who have gotten the BBL surgery procedure done, or are on the wait list, the team at Goals must often turn patients away as they may not be good candidates – either currently or possibly ever! So, what exactly makes someone a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift? Despite what misconceptions are out there, it takes a lot more than just a desire and the ability to cover the BBL surgery cost. Here is a list of important factors and criteria that the team at Goals looks for in a candidate for the BBL surgery procedure.

         Mental Health & Expectations

While physical health is definitely important when it comes to any procedure, with plastic surgery mental health is of the utmost importance as well. For most, surgical enhancement is a huge confidence boost, and it is generally performed because you are disappointed by your natural figure or the look of a certain body part. It is important not to dictate your happiness on your looks alone, because no matter how much surgery you have, looks are always fleeting. And no matter what you look like on the outside, you have to love yourself from the inside first – otherwise no procedure can make you happy. Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sergey Voskin is considered the best BBL doctor NYC has in practice, but despite his trackrecord of outstanding results, he warns patients that everybody’s outcome will be different! And patients must be able to manage their expectations – realizing that you may not look like your favorite Instagram model after one procedure.

         Smoking& Drinking in Excess

Smoking is a big no-no when it comes to the Brazilian butt lift surgery, and pretty much any surgery for that matter. Smoking can drastically affect your respiratory system and inhibit the circulation of blood and oxygen, vital to healing and cellular regeneration. For smokers, it is important that you quit smoking for at least a few weeks or months, before and after, your procedure takes place. This will be discussed during your initial consultation. In addition, drinking in excess or drinking around the time of your procedure is extremely dangerous for patients undergoing any type of surgical measures, as it can thin the blood and prevent proper healing.

         Proper Weight & Fat Management

When it comes to any fat transfer procedure, a cosmetic surgeon must find a proper “donor” region of the body in order to harvest an adequate amount of fat from. The same holds true in the Brazilian butt lift surgery. The best candidates will have a fair amount of fat along the midsection, like the abdomen,waist, hips, and even the lower back. Using liposuction, fat will be harvested from one or more of these areas. Patients will often be advised to gain or lose weight prior to their surgery. As the best BBL doctor NYC patients trust, Dr. Voskin and his team offer patients help with this process, as it can be difficult without guidance.

         Patients Extremely Dedicated to Their Recovery

One of the most important things to be aware of is the arduous recovery process required for a BBL procedure to heal. Patients must be aware that they will experience a decent amount of pain and discomfort (managed somewhat with pain medication) as they recover and must be proactive and follow all after-care guidelines provided by their cosmetic surgeon – especially if they want the best results possible! The team at Goals Plastic Surgery will provide thorough guidelines and will schedule important follow-up appointments to monitor your healing, as well as schedule things like a BBL massage to help even out the transferred fat. In addition, they must wear certain compression garments, eat a healthy diet, avoid drinking & smoking, avoid sitting or lying directly on your backside for a certain period, and much more! For someone to pay the BBL surgery cost they should ask themselves if they are ready for all that comes with the procedure – both good and bad.

         Finances

In terms of finances it is important to realize that you should be able to afford this procedure without leveraging your health, safety, or quality of life. If you have signed up for a payment plan to help with the BBL surgery cost, these payments must be honored in a timely fashion. Therefore, being in a strong financial position, where you can comfortably pay for the procedure or make your payments, without hindering your quality of life, and that of your loved ones is extremely important.

         Good Overall Health

For any surgical procedure, it is important to be in good overall health, in all respects. Patients with certain issues, may have a tough time healing from the procedure and may suffer dangerous, even life-threatening side effects to things like anesthesia administered during the procedure.

These are some of the most important factors that are used to judge your candidacy for the Brazilian butt lift. For more information or to schedule your consult, contact the team at Goals Plastic Surgery today.

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